[TIP] pytest-testmon 0.9.3 released

Tibor Arpas tibor.arpas at infinit.sk
Sat Dec 17 02:48:43 PST 2016


pytest-testmon version 0.9.3 is now released.

testmon is a py.test plug-in which uses coverage.py and ast.py to construct
a dependency graph between tests and python files (and code blocks within).
This information is stored in a datafile along with checksums of the
current source code. With each test suite re-execution testmon detects all
files and blocks which haven't been changed and derives the list of tests
which couldn't have been affected. It then only executes the remaining
tests and incrementally updates it's database.

New features in this release:
fairly self explanatory and easy to query sqlite database data format
relative file paths - it's now supported to share and move the datafile
file checksums used for changes detection (if file modification time
storing of failed testreports and re-reporting without the need to
re-execute unaffected tests
local xdist compatibility (untested)

It would be great if you can try it out and share your feedback.

www.infinit.sk - The Python development team
www.testmon.org  - taking automated Python tests to a new level
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