[TIP] pytest-2.8.1: fixes and more fixes

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Tue Sep 29 06:41:35 PDT 2015

Just 11 days after 2.8 hit PyPI we published pytest-2.8.1 which fixes a
host of regressions and bugs, see the changelog excerpt below.  Docs are
also freshly generated at http://pytest.org including a streamlined PDF.

Note that the pytest team now follows more SEMVER style versioning
which currently means that you can expect bugfixes with 2.8.X and new
features with 2.9.0 and planned incompatibilities with 3.0.

Many thanks to the PR contributors and mergers of 2.8.1:

    Bruno Oliveira
    Ronny Pfannschmidt
    Florian Bruhin
    Floris Bruynooghe
    Eric Hunsberger
    Tim Staley
    Simon Gomizelj
    Russel Winder
    Oleg Alexandrov
    Michael Howitz
    Michael Birtwell
    Ben Webb
    Andy Freeland
    Abhijeet Kasurde

holger krekel


- fix #1034: Add missing nodeid on pytest_logwarning call in
  addhook.  Thanks Simon Gomizelj for the PR.

- 'deprecated_call' is now only satisfied with a DeprecationWarning or
  PendingDeprecationWarning. Before 2.8.0, it accepted any warning, and 2.8.0
  made it accept only DeprecationWarning (but not PendingDeprecationWarning).
  Thanks Alex Gaynor for the issue and Eric Hunsberger for the PR.

- fix issue #1073: avoid calling __getattr__ on potential plugin objects.
  This fixes an incompatibility with pytest-django.  Thanks Andreas Pelme,
  Bruno Oliveira and Ronny Pfannschmidt for contributing and Holger Krekel
  for the fix.

- Fix issue #704: handle versionconflict during plugin loading more
  gracefully.  Thanks Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- Fix issue #1064: ""--junitxml" regression when used with the
  "pytest-xdist" plugin, with test reports being assigned to the wrong tests.
  Thanks Daniel Grunwald for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- (experimental) adapt more SEMVER style versioning and change meaning of 
  master branch in git repo: "master" branch now keeps the bugfixes, changes 
  aimed for micro releases.  "features" branch will only be be released 
  with minor or major pytest releases.

- Fix issue #766 by removing documentation references to distutils.
  Thanks Russel Winder.

- Fix issue #1030: now byte-strings are escaped to produce item node ids
  to make them always serializable.
  Thanks Andy Freeland for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- Python 2: if unicode parametrized values are convertible to ascii, their
  ascii representation is used for the node id.

- Fix issue #411: Add __eq__ method to assertion comparison example.
  Thanks Ben Webb.

- fix issue 877: properly handle assertion explanations with non-ascii repr
  Thanks Mathieu Agopian for the report and Ronny Pfannschmidt for the PR.

- fix issue 1029: transform errors when writing cache values into pytest-warnings

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