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Bruno Oliveira nicoddemus at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 15:09:15 PDT 2015

Hi all,

pytest 2.8 has been released to pypi, with significant bug-fixes and

In case you wonder, pytest is a widely used mature test runner both for
unit and functional test purposes in python.  See http://pytest.org for
documentation and examples.

Here's the changelog for this version:

- new ``--lf`` and ``-ff`` options to run only the last failing tests or
  "failing tests first" from the last run.  This functionality is provided
  through porting the formerly external pytest-cache plugin into pytest
  BACKWARD INCOMPAT: if you used pytest-cache's functionality to persist
  data between test runs be aware that we don't serialize sets anymore.
  Thanks Ronny Pfannschmidt for most of the merging work.

- "-r" option now accepts "a" to include all possible reports, similar
  to passing "fEsxXw" explicitly (isse960).
  Thanks Abhijeet Kasurde for the PR.

- avoid python3.5 deprecation warnings by introducing version
  specific inspection helpers, thanks Michael Droettboom.

- fix issue562: @nose.tools.istest now fully respected.

- fix issue934: when string comparison fails and a diff is too large to
  without passing -vv, still show a few lines of the diff.
  Thanks Florian Bruhin for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- fix issue736: Fix a bug where fixture params would be discarded when
  with parametrization markers.
  Thanks to Markus Unterwaditzer for the PR.

- fix issue710: introduce ALLOW_UNICODE doctest option: when enabled, the
  ``u`` prefix is stripped from unicode strings in expected doctest output.
  allows doctests which use unicode to run in Python 2 and 3 unchanged.
  Thanks Jason R. Coombs for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- parametrize now also generates meaningful test IDs for enum, regex and
  objects (as opposed to class instances).
  Thanks to Florian Bruhin for the PR.

- Add 'warns' to assert that warnings are thrown (like 'raises').
  Thanks to Eric Hunsberger for the PR.

- Fix issue683: Do not apply an already applied mark.  Thanks ojake for the

- Deal with capturing failures better so fewer exceptions get lost to
  /dev/null.  Thanks David Szotten for the PR.

- fix issue730: deprecate and warn about the --genscript option.
  Thanks Ronny Pfannschmidt for the report and Christian Pommranz for the

- fix issue751: multiple parametrize with ids bug if it parametrizes class
  two or more test methods. Thanks Sergey Chipiga for reporting and Jan
  Bednarik for PR.

- fix issue82: avoid loading conftest files from
  files and upwards by default (--confcutdir can still be set to override
  Thanks Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- fix issue768: docstrings found in python modules were not setting up
  fixtures. Thanks Jason R. Coombs for reporting and Bruno Oliveira for the

- added `tmpdir_factory`, a session-scoped fixture that can be used to
  directories under the base temporary directory. Previously this object was
  installed as a `_tmpdirhandler` attribute of the `config` object, but now
  is part of the official API and using `config._tmpdirhandler` is
  Thanks Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- fix issue808: pytest's internal assertion rewrite hook now implements the
  optional PEP302 get_data API so tests can access data files next to them.
  Thanks xmo-odoo for request and example and Bruno Oliveira for
  the PR.

- rootdir and inifile are now displayed during usage errors to help
  users diagnose problems such as unexpected ini files which add
  unknown options being picked up by pytest. Thanks to Pavel Savchenko for
  bringing the problem to attention in #821 and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- Summary bar now is colored yellow for warning
  situations such as: all tests either were skipped or xpass/xfailed,
  or no tests were run at all (this is a partial fix for issue500).

- fix issue812: pytest now exits with status code 5 in situations where no
  tests were run at all, such as the directory given in the command line
  not contain any tests or as result of a command line option filters
  all out all tests (-k for example).
  Thanks Eric Siegerman (issue812) and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- Summary bar now is colored yellow for warning
  situations such as: all tests either were skipped or xpass/xfailed,
  or no tests were run at all (related to issue500).
  Thanks Eric Siegerman.

- New `testpaths` ini option: list of directories to search for tests
  when executing pytest from the root directory. This can be used
  to speed up test collection when a project has well specified directories
  for tests, being usually more practical than configuring norecursedirs for
  all directories that do not contain tests.
  Thanks to Adrian for idea (#694) and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- fix issue713: JUnit XML reports for doctest failures.
  Thanks Punyashloka Biswal.

- fix issue970: internal pytest warnings now appear as "pytest-warnings" in
  the terminal instead of "warnings", so it is clear for users that those
  warnings are from pytest and not from the builtin "warnings" module.
  Thanks Bruno Oliveira.

- Include setup and teardown in junitxml test durations.
  Thanks Janne Vanhala.

- fix issue735: assertion failures on debug versions of Python 3.4+

- new option ``--import-mode`` to allow to change test module importing
  behaviour to append to sys.path instead of prepending.  This better
  to run test modules against installated versions of a package even if the
  package under test has the same import root.  In this example::


  the tests will run against the installed version
  of pkg_under_test when ``--import-mode=append`` is used whereas
  by default they would always pick up the local version.  Thanks Holger

- pytester: add method ``TmpTestdir.delete_loaded_modules()``, and call it
  from ``inline_run()`` to allow temporary modules to be reloaded.
  Thanks Eduardo Schettino.

- internally refactor pluginmanager API and code so that there
  is a clear distinction between a pytest-agnostic rather simple
  pluginmanager and the PytestPluginManager which adds a lot of
  behaviour, among it handling of the local conftest files.
  In terms of documented methods this is a backward compatible
  change but it might still break 3rd party plugins which relied on
  details like especially the pluginmanager.add_shutdown() API.
  Thanks Holger Krekel.

- pluginmanagement: introduce ``pytest.hookimpl`` and
  ``pytest.hookspec`` decorators for setting impl/spec
  specific parameters.  This substitutes the previous
  now deprecated use of ``pytest.mark`` which is meant to
  contain markers for test functions only.

- write/refine docs for "writing plugins" which now have their
  own page and are separate from the "using/installing plugins`` page.

- fix issue732: properly unregister plugins from any hook calling
  sites allowing to have temporary plugins during test execution.

- deprecate and warn about ``__multicall__`` argument in hook
  implementations.  Use the ``hookwrapper`` mechanism instead already
  introduced with pytest-2.7.

- speed up pytest's own test suite considerably by using inprocess
  tests by default (testrun can be modified with --runpytest=subprocess
  to create subprocesses in many places instead).  The main
  APIs to run pytest in a test is "runpytest()" or "runpytest_subprocess"
  and "runpytest_inprocess" if you need a particular way of running
  the test.  In all cases you get back a RunResult but the inprocess
  one will also have a "reprec" attribute with the recorded events/reports.

- fix monkeypatch.setattr("x.y", raising=False) to actually not raise
  if "y" is not a pre-existing attribute. Thanks Florian Bruhin.

- fix issue741: make running output from testdir.run copy/pasteable
  Thanks Bruno Oliveira.

- add a new ``--noconftest`` argument which ignores all ``conftest.py``

- add ``file`` and ``line`` attributes to JUnit-XML output.

- fix issue890: changed extension of all documentation files from ``txt`` to
  ``rst``. Thanks to Abhijeet for the PR.

- fix issue714: add ability to apply indirect=True parameter on particular
  Thanks Elizaveta239.

- fix issue714: add ability to apply indirect=True parameter on particular

- fix issue890: changed extension of all documentation files from ``txt`` to
  ``rst``. Thanks to Abhijeet for the PR.

- fix issue957: "# doctest: SKIP" option will now register doctests as
  rather than PASSED.
  Thanks Thomas Grainger for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.

- issue951: add new record_xml_property fixture, that supports logging
  additional information on xml output. Thanks David Diaz for the PR.

- issue949: paths after normal options (for example `-s`, `-v`, etc) are now
  properly used to discover `rootdir` and `ini` files.
  Thanks Peter Lauri for the report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
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