[TIP] Dropping Python 3.2 support for various projects

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Thu Oct 22 14:11:23 PDT 2015

Hi, so pip 8 is going to drop support for Python 3.2; setuptools 19
will drop support for it too.

This implies either pinning pip and setuptools in CI, or dropping
support for 3.2 in things where CI depends on those tools.

I'm sending this email to poll for folk that *need* support for 3.2,
to see how widespread the impact of dropping support would be.
(Obviously folk can pin versions of the libraries that drop 3.2
support too - it just propogates)..

If there isn't a hue and cry about this then I think it will make
sense to drop support for Python 3.2 in mock, testtools, fixtures,
testrepository, testscenarios, testresources, unittest2, traceback2
and linecache2 - generally everything :)


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