[TIP] How to build my automation test process in this way? Which tool chains are avaiable? which is the most easiest one?

Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Mon Mar 30 00:48:22 PDT 2015

"yaoyansibase" <yaoyansibase at aliyun.com> writes:

> I'm going to create an automation test process for my Maya2014 plugin
> development. Maya is a DCC software, and Maya2014 uses python2.7.

Congratulations on planning an automated test suite.

What does “DCC software” mean here, and how is it relevant to the tests?

> I'm looking for available tools to create my automation test process.
> There are so many unittest modules avaiable, e.g. unittest, unittest2,
> nose, ....

Many tools are available for unit testing — all the ones you name
(‘unittest’, ‘nose’) are good for testing small, discrete units of code
with narrow, strictly-defined interfaces. That is, functions.


I don't think your requirements describe unit testing.

If you are testing many runs of the entire application, you are no
longer doing unit tests and the unit testing frameworks are not the best


What you describe sounds more like system testing, or even acceptance
testing <URL:http://softwaretestingfundamentals.com/system-testing/>

I recommend using a declarative behaviour testing framework such as
Behave <URL:https://pypi.python.org/pypi/behave/>.

This is much better for your needs: you define what whole-application
behaviour means, and then write many cases to invoke that behaviour

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