[TIP] tox-1.9.1 minor maintenance release

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Mon Mar 23 02:28:27 PDT 2015

I just pushed out tox-1.9.1 to pypi with a few minor improvements, see changelog below.
If you are waiting for more feature/bug improvements please consider submitting a PR.


about me:    http://holgerkrekel.net/about-me/
contracting: http://merlinux.eu

CHANGELOG tox-1.9.1 compared to 1.9.0

- use a file instead of a pipe for command output in "--result-json".
  Fixes some termination issues with python2.6.

- allow --force-deps to override dependencies in "-r" requirements
  files.  Thanks Sontek for the PR.

- fix issue227: use "-m virtualenv" instead of "-mvirtualenv" to make
  it work with pyrun.  Thanks Marc-Andre Lemburg.

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