[TIP] testmon - ideas to speed up execution of test suites

Tibor Arpas tibor.arpas at infinit.sk
Fri Mar 13 07:57:58 PDT 2015


We put together small Indiegogo campaign for a pytest plugin which should
significantly improve the experience of executing a large test suite. E.g.
it automatically selects only tests dependent on recent changes and
deselects all the others. The concept is quite general, technically
feasible and it's possible to finish this and also implement the same for
other test runners if there is interest.

To try our alpha version:
pip install testmon
py.test --testmon

The campaign: http://igg.me/at/testmon
GitHub: https://github.com/tarpas/testmon

We'd be glad to get any feedback and contributions.

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