[TIP] setup.py: dependency_links = local devpi server

Tom Viner tom at viner.tv
Fri Jan 9 09:31:23 PST 2015

Hi all,

we're using an internal devpi server to host our python packages. We find
we have to duplicate all our requirements in our tox.ini which can set
But we'd like to be able to install locally hosted requirements from a
setup.py like this, using dependency_links:

from setuptools import setup
> setup(
>     name='dep_links',
>     dependency_links=['http://pypi.local/user/index/+simple/'],
>     install_requires=[
>         'openpyxl-wrapper',
>     ]
> )

Our index inherits from the public pypi.

However we get this error message (Full output

> /home/myuser/.virtualenvs/myvenv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/dep_links-0.0.0-py2.7.egg
> Processing dependencies for dep-links==0.0.0
> Searching for openpyxl-wrapper
> Reading http://pypi.local/user/index/+simple/
> Reading https://pypi.python.org/simple/openpyxl-wrapper/
> Couldn't find index page for 'openpyxl-wrapper' (maybe misspelled?)
> Scanning index of all packages (this may take a while)
> Reading https://pypi.python.org/simple/
> No local packages or download links found for openpyxl-wrapper
> error: Could not find suitable distribution for
> Requirement.parse('openpyxl-wrapper')

So you can see that our simple index page is reached, but for some reason
this link isn't fetched:

> <a href="openpyxl-wrapper">openpyxl-wrapper</a><br/>

But the package can be installed using:

> pip install -e . -i http://pypi.local/user/index/+simple/

and the requirement is installed from the devpi server package without any

So why can setuptools install from public pypi, but not our devpi server?

Any ideas appreciated!

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