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Thu Dec 10 10:32:59 PST 2015

The recent posting of a new testfixtures release reminded me that
I've never announced gabbi here.


Gabbi is testing library for testing HTTP APIs using an easy to read
and write YAML-based format that results in easy to maintain tests.

It can be integrated with Python test runners that support the unittest
load_tests protocol or has a command line tool that lets you test
any running web service. If using load_tests it can test against
live servers or use wsgi-intercept to avoid needing to spin up a

Each YAML file is treated as one TestSuite and is an ordered list of
dependencies. If you tell your test runner that you want to run just
one test in a file, the previous tests in the list will run. Each
individual test can make backreferences to the response headers and
body data of the one test that came before it (good for hypermedia).

Fixtures can be declared per TestSuite.

The simplest test looks like this:

     - name: a test
       GET: /

More complex examples can be found in the docs:


or in some of the artifacts:


I used for a presentation:


I hope people find it useful. People who have tried it have been
very pleased with it.

Chris Dent                                   http://burningchrome.com/

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