[TIP] Coverage.py 4.0b2 is now available

Ned Batchelder ned at nedbatchelder.com
Mon Aug 24 11:50:13 PDT 2015

The second beta of Coverage.py 4.0 is available: 

This beta has some fixes and slight additions.  Details below the fold.

Please try it, 4.0 final will be released soon!



4.0b1 broke --append creating new data files.  This is now fixed.

"py.test --cov" would get a "Can't combine line data with arc data" 
error message.  This is now fixed, and changed some method names in the 
CoverageData interface.

CoverageData.read_fileobj and CoverageData.write_fileobj replace the 
.read and .write methods, and are now properly inverses of each other.

When using ``report --skip-covered``, a message will now be included in 
the report output indicating how many files were skipped, and if all 
files are skipped, coverage.py won't accidentally scold you for having 
no data to report.

A new conversion utility has been added:  "python -m 
coverage.pickle2json" will convert v3.x pickle data files to v4.x JSON 
data files.

A new version identifier is available, `coverage.version_info`, a plain 
tuple of values similar to sys.version_info.

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