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All (Holger, specifically);

I’d like to propose (and implement) some changes to Tox to enable me to plug in (at a minimum) the following things:

* dependency resolver
* environment creation
* process launcher

The issue that’s driving this is that within my company we currently have a build system/packaging system for multiple versions of Python that is driven by a homegrown environment builder and setup launcher. Tox is ostentatiously better at those activities than the one we have, but because we use a dependency model that doesn’t map to the pip one — up to the point of even internalized names for some packages, and no concept of version ranges — and an environment build that is similar in character to a chroot, Tox as it currently exists is unsuitable for me.

However, if I can add support at the tox.ini level for selecting a different tox environment builder, dependency resolver, and executable finder, then I can plug in my own implementation of these that would allow me to use the tox description of what to build — the commands, environments sections, python versions, et al — but integrate the way we define our dependencies and interpreters.

I don’t want to go to the effort of doing this if the patch won’t land, though, and I’m not interested in forking tox at this time (although the existence of Spiny suggests an alternative path if needs be) so before I start down the path I’d like some hint of what would be the likelihood of landing this.

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