[TIP] Modifying fixture parametrization from the command line

Masiar, Peter (PMASIAR) PMASIAR at arinc.com
Thu Oct 30 10:29:39 PDT 2014

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> I thought I read the pytest documentation (in fact I did see this but didn't make the connection as I had forgotten). This is in fact exactly what I need. Thanks for pointing this out.
>>> Pity there is no searchable pytest cookbook yet so you could have 
>>> found this more easily.
>> Here is an idea for a book :)
> Or a site :) I'd like to enter "parametrize command line" and end up 
> with the example i originally posted and or related examples.

> Yes, a site is a great idea. 

Easy way to get a site up is to get a wiki on any of free wikifarms.


Sadly, my favorite wikidot.com is blocked by corporate security like ours :-(

Wikia and wikispaces are not.

I can help to administer one - but I do not think it will be right me to be owner.


Peter Masiar

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