[TIP] Make tox and coverage play together more nicely?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Nov 12 14:15:26 PST 2014

I wonder if anything can or should be done to make tox and coverage work
better together.  In particular, I have to add some icky and fragile code to
my coverage.ini to get reasonable results from a `tox -e coverage` run.

-----snip snip-----
branch = true
parallel = true
omit =
source =
-----snip snip-----

I don't like having to equivalence the in-tree directory ('mailman') with the
tox venv site-packages directory, but this is necessary because some tests run
from executables created in the venv.  I'd like for coverage to do the [paths]
bits automatically when it detects its running under tox.

I also don't like having to explicitly omit everything else in the tox venv's
site-packages.  It seems like since coverage already omits stuff in the
system's site-packages, it could do the same with the tox venv site-packages.

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