[TIP] pytest + Django: Where to put the test settings.py?

Tin Tvrtković tinchester at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 15:44:26 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

this little project of mine (https://github.com/Tinche/bower-cache) uses 
Django, together with pytest for testing. I use the first layout from 
http://pytest.org/latest/goodpractises.html; a separate top-level 
directory for tests, and I'd like to keep my test data and the actual 
app code separate.

I do, however, need a valid Django settings.py in order to run the 
tests. My first instinct was to put it into the tests directory and 
refer to it as tests.settings in my pytest.ini, but this doesn't work 
unless I make the tests directory a proper Python package (with 
__init__.py) which pytest explicitly suggests to avoid. The other option 
would be to put it somewhere into the app itself, but then this means 
I'm mixing test and normal code, which is something I'm trying to avoid 
in the first place.

I was wondering if there was a generally-accepted way of solving this 
problem. Any advice from the community would be appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance,

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