[TIP] Disable keyboard shortcuts in html coverage reports?

Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Wed Mar 5 10:42:46 PST 2014

Tres Seaver <tseaver at palladion.com> writes:

> On 03/04/2014 09:28 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
> > I'm very loath to defy Debian policy on bundled third-party code,
> > especially having worked with you (Ned) to address it correctly. So
> > I'll resist anything that regresses our stance on that.
> This discussion is really OT for this list.

Probably true. Ned, do you have a discussion list for “python-coverage”
that would be better suited to discussions about the software that are
not about “testing in Python”?

> Nonetheless: maybe it would be better to downgrade the broken-out
> library until its upstream fixes the breakage?

We'll need to identify what the breakage is, before making that

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