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Sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it, Terry.  We'll just have to
wait until next year!

Baaa, indeed.

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 4:27 PM, Terry Peppers <peppers at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Goat Fans -
> Many of you might have noticed that I've been abnormally silent about
> PyCon 2014 and the TiP BoF. I figure since we're about 5 weeks out from
> PyCon, I should let the TiP list know a couple of things:
> 1. I won't be attending PyCon this year.
> 2. I'll be back.
> 3. Since I won't be attending PyCon, TiP BoF is on a break.
> I have a family commitment that's going to knock me out of PyCon this
> year. It didn't materialize until December and to be honest I really
> agonized about not coming to PyCon. The completist in me, felt like (and
> continues to feel like) I should be at every PyCon from here until the end
> of my days. Anyway, I can't make the times work, so I won't be coming.
> So this leads us to TiP BoF and why it's going to be on break - for this
> year. I know people on this list will try and say, "No we'll organize it!
> We can make this happen!" But given the two situations last year, I'm
> advising everyone against this very course. I certainly think TiP BoF could
> happen without me, but at the same time given the unpredictability factor
> which has grown as TiP BoF has grown, I don't think it's wise for anyone to
> shoulder the responsibility of having it this year. It's too much
> responsibility and there's too much that could go wrong.
> I've had a separate thread with Diana Clarke, Alex Gaynor, Doug Hellmann,
> Titus Brown, Gary Bernhardt and Jesse Noller on the topic of TiP BoF. Given
> last years situation, I worked hard on putting together a proposal for how
> to change TiP BoF in ways that would be better for all parties. For PyCon
> 2015, I'll plan on making this happen which means things like a venue
> change and a slight format change. Oh, there still will be lightning talks.
> And we'll still give out the lab coat for best talk ... but we need to
> pivot it just a little.
> Also, there's no conspiracy. No one told me we couldn't have it. No one
> told me that we shouldn't have it. In fact, no one but me suggested that we
> change it. And I was continually encouraged in my efforts to pivot the
> format. All of this deliberation and meditation has been of my own
> creation.
> I'm sad that I'm not going to see you guys this year. As Titus' talk last
> year pointed out, PyCon and TiP BoF are things that I truly enjoy and have
> energized my participation in the broader Python community. But for all of
> the TiP BoF veterans, we've seen something grow in ways none of us could
> have imagined. And with the growth comes a new set of responsibilities.
> Baaa!*
> - t.
> *Goat speak for "Thanks!"
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