[TIP] tox-1.7.2: few fixes / posargs parsing change

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Tue Jul 15 00:59:35 PDT 2014

Hi everybody,

Just released tox-1.7.2 to PYPI, see the changelog below.
Note: if you need bugs fixed or features implemented 
please submit PRs.  Docs about tox:


And repos and issues at:


have fun,


- fix issue150: parse {posargs} more like we used to do it pre 1.7.0.
  The 1.7.0 behaviour broke a lot of OpenStack projects.
  See PR85 and the issue discussions for (far) more details, hopefully
  resulting in a more refined behaviour in the 1.8 series.
  And thanks to Clark Boylan for the PR.

- fix issue59: add a config variable ``skip-missing-interpreters`` as
  well as command line option ``--skip-missing-interpreters`` which
  won't fail the build if Python interpreters listed in tox.ini are
  missing.  Thanks Alexandre Conrad for PR104.

- fix issue164: better traceback info in case of failing test commands.
  Thanks Marc Abramowitz for PR92.

- support optional env variable substitution, thanks Morgan Fainberg
  for PR86.

- limit python hashseed to 1024 on Windows to prevent possible
  memory errors.  Thanks March Schlaich for the PR90.

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