[TIP] system testing with Python

Alfredo Deza alfredo at deza.pe
Sun Jan 26 10:43:39 PST 2014

I am searching for something in Python that will help in system testing. That is, run a command (or a few of them) and allow
assertions on output or on exit status.

I’m well aware though that I can do a few calls to subprocess and then inspect stdout/stderr for a match or check the exit status
with that same object, but I was wondering if there is something out there that might help here.

The use case is for tests that are done on a storage cluster, so several machines are brought up and a few commands are sent to the cluster with certain expectations, although most of the time we are looking for a non-zero exit status.

I love py.test, so a plugin for it would be nice, although I wouldn’t mind looking at other things that might help with this kind of testing.

Any ideas or example would be great!



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