[TIP] new leadership needed for nose/2

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jan 7 11:47:39 PST 2014

On Jan 07, 2014, at 02:21 PM, jason pellerin wrote:

>Here is one update: the awesome John Szakmeister has volunteered to take
>over as the primary maintainer of nose, and nose will be going into pure
>maintenance mode. This means that half of the problem is solved (yay!), but
>also that the need for nose2 leadership and contributions is that much
>greater, as we're going to try to more actively cajole nose users into
>moving to nose2, and nose2 is from the next release of nose forward, the
>only place where new features will come about.
>Many thanks are due to John for the work he's put into nose over the past
>year, and for volunteering for yet more work. :)

I want to echo Leah's thanks to Jason for all his great leadership here.  I've
been a fan of nose and now am a super fan of nose2, which we're using in
Mailman 3 now.

I would be happy to help contribute to nose2 as time allows, but I have too
many other FLOSS projects on the burner right now to take over as primary
maintainer.  I agree that John is awesome, so maybe we can convince him to
multi-nose. :)

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