[TIP] Using coverage from API and command line gives different results

Alexander Todorov atodorov at redhat.com
Wed Feb 12 01:14:57 PST 2014

На 12.02.2014 03:44, Ned Batchelder написа:

>> On a larger project I'm trying to integrate coverage with I see exactly the
>> opposite - the main program file is included in the report while the modules
>> it includes are not (not all of them). All modules are in site-packages.
> This sound like a separate problem, perhaps your modules are imported before
> coverage starts?

Hi Ned,
I've made sure the first thing to be imported is coverage and then right after 
call .start(). Everything else goes afterwards.

How do I go about figuring out what's happening ? Where should I look ?

The larger piece of code I'm talking about is the Fedora installer. If you'd 
like to take a look I can tell you how to test, it's relatively easy.


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