[TIP] Using pytest-xdist --looponfail with Jython 2.7

Chris Rose offline at offby1.net
Mon Dec 1 20:09:15 PST 2014

My package's Jython launcher is not trivial -- it sets up some environment
variables, some system properties, and then runs the Jython 2.7 jar, like

PYTHONPATH=... ENV_VAR=... $BIN/java -Dsomestuff $LIB/jython.jar -c "import
_pytest.config; _pytest.config.main()"

When I try use xdist, though, the xdist gateway tries to start the Jython
process for the remote by executing just $LIB/jython.jar, which does not
work. Is there any way I can control the xdist plugin's executable for the
gateway process?

Chris R.
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