[TIP] Fwd: finalizing tox's new parametrized configuration (RFC)

Carl Meyer carl at oddbird.net
Fri Aug 8 09:04:49 PDT 2014

> I agree.  Let's remove negation and go for variant 1. for releasing tox-1.8.
> When negation is really needed (haven't seen a real-life example yet) we can
> think about the rules -- we could e.g. then require !(.*), i.e.
> parentheses after "!" to make it clear and not require knowing about
> precendence rules when reading a tox.ini.

As it turns out, my sample tox.ini provides a pretty good use case for
it, I think. I would miss it if it were removed.

I don't see the confusion around precedence either, I think the visual
"binding" implies strongly that in "foo-!bar-baz" the negation applies
only to "bar", so as long as that is the behavior I don't see a problem.


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