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>Subject: [TIP] Shameless nose plugin plug: nose-knows
>Hey all,
>I wrote a nose plugin a while back that tracks which unit tests hit which files, allowing you to figure out which tests to run once you've modified a file.
>It's open source, it's pretty simple, and I hope you find it useful!
>Please let me know if you have questions or want to contribute!


Interesting. Is it different from the 'nosy' package in that it only runs tests that are associated with modified parts of the source code? In other words: only a subset of the unit tests are run? Nosy: "Run the nose test discovery and execution tool whenever a source file is changed. An elaborated version of Jeff Winkler's nosy tool that runs nose whenever a source file is changed. This version has a command line parser added, and the capability to use a configuration file to control what files are watched, and how nose runs." [https://pypi.python.org/pypi/nosy]


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