[TIP] Jenkins CI downloads thousands of clones from my Bitbucket repo :-(

James Chapman james at uplinkzero.com
Wed Apr 16 06:56:58 PDT 2014

This question will likely be better posed to the Jenkins user mailing list.

Sounds like something is triggering your job and with each build it's
likely downloading the sdist file.

As for the path query, depending on the build step type, you can use a
/ which clever plugins will interpret as \\ on windows, or create a
dir separator environment variable that you configure under each
client and then use that environment variable in your build steps.

Otherwise you could do something like this:
import platform

if platform.system() == 'Windows':
    DIRSEP = "\\"
    DIRSEP = "/"

fileToOpen = "folder1" + DIRSEP + "folder2" + DIRSEP + "file.txt"
f = open(fileToOpen, "r")


On 8 April 2014 12:52, Albert-Jan Roskam <fomcl at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I followed advice given on this list a couple of weeks ago and I started
> exploring Jenkins CI. First goal: build a multiconfiguration project that
> runs all the tests in Linux Debian 7 64 and Windows 7 64. Linux 64 went
> successfully, I did not add the Win 64 axis yet (but the slave is
> successfully connected to the host).
> [1]--Under "Source Code Management" I entered the details of my Bitbucket
> repo.
> [2]--I told it use a local reference repo during the clone: In the
> Configuration screen >> "Advanced clone behaviors"  >> "Path of the
> reference repo to use during clone": I entered the path to my local
> repository.
> [3]--I told Jenkins to make a shallow clone (just the HEAD revision).
> Problem: I left the computer on last night and this morning I was startled
> to see that I had something like 6900 downloads of the sdist (.zip)!
> (visible under the heading ' downloads' in Bitbucket). I realize my
> description is a bit vague but: any idea what might have gone wrong? Should
> I use the Bitbucket plugin instead? I think I will switch to Gitbucket (with
> "G") until I fixed everything!
> Additional question: under [2] how do I enter a path that is valid both
> under Windows and Linux?
> Regards,
> Albert-Jan
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