[TIP] parametrize a pytest finalizer

Carl Meyer carl at oddbird.net
Thu Apr 10 09:21:41 PDT 2014

Hi Chris,

On 04/10/2014 08:49 AM, Pella,Chris wrote:
> That works well, although I don’t understand why. I haven’t used lambdas
> before,  but the signature is the same as for a normal function. I guess
> the anonymity makes pytest treat it differently.

Lambdas aren't treated any differently by py.test; it is the signature
that is different:

    lambda: cleanup("Doing cleanup!")

The function cleanup takes a single argument, but the lambda function
created here takes no arguments, then calls cleanup() with one argument.
The equivalent using a named function instead of a lambda:

    def wrapper():
        cleanup("Doing cleanup!")


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