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Imran Akbar skunkwerk at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 10:15:14 PDT 2013

   I've been working on an open source project to auto-generate unit tests
for web apps based on traces collected from the web server and static code
analysis, once you verify the behavior in the trace is correct.  I've got
an alpha version online at www.splintera.com, and the source is at
https://github.com/splintera/python-django-client.  I'd love to get some
feedback from the community and extend it to work with other languages as

  I wrote it originally because I was sick of coming into companies where I
had to inherit tens of thousands of lines of code without any tests, and
never had time to write them manually - being careful to mock out
dependencies, specify the correct inputs and outputs, and figure out which
path it was taking through the code.

   I'd like to get some sense of:
- how difficult/tedious is writing unit tests, and why?
- do you wish you had better code coverage?
- how important is testing to you?

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