[TIP] Coverage does not cover script if py.test executes it from another directory

Christoph Buchner bilderbuchi at phononoia.at
Fri Sep 6 05:35:48 PDT 2013

Ned Batchelder schrieb am 06.09.2013 04:36:

> On 9/5/13 6:33 AM, Christoph Buchner wrote:
>> Sure, see attachment. step-by-step instructions in Instructions.txt
>> thanks,
>> Christoph
> Christoph, when I follow your instructions, I get the same output for 
> both commands.  They both print "--Contents of arg_file.txt--", and both 
> say 0% coverage for my_script.py when the report is generated.  I've 
> attached the complete output.
> I'll look into why the script isn't measured (and why there's no debug 
> message that it isn't being measured), but it's disconcerting that our 
> results are different.
> --Ned.
this is indeed weird! I'll try this again on my other machine, but I'm pretty sure it showed the same behaviour.

I haven't run my tests in a virtual environment, should I look into setting one up, too, and try again?

I'm already curious what you find out about why the script is not measured, and no debug output about it either!


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