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Rémi Rampin remirampin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 15:25:59 PST 2013

2013/11/21 Jishnu Banerjee (jbanerje)

>    - Add/remove tap interfaces and associate it to the OpenvSwitch.
>    - Create and delete netlink sockets
>    - Add/remove flows over multiple Netlink sockets simultaneously.
>    - Inject packets in one tap port and measure how many can be punted up
>    to the tool and injected back out another tap port over a given time
>    period.
>    - Traffic of different packet sizes
>    - Setup a flow and do similar test as above to measure performance.
> If you can point me to some existing python modules or available
> open-source tools/code which I can re-use to achieve that would be of great
> help. Any guidance is really  appreciated


The steps you describe don't seem to be particularly related to unit
testing libraries or methodologies (or to Python at all, in fact). Maybe
you would get more help on a different mailing-list?

You might want to try 'python-list' for your general Python questions (see
http://www.python.org/about/help/) or some place dedicated to networking
and Open vSwitch (http://openvswitch.org/mlists/ lists a general-purpose
'discuss' list).

Good luck in your Python endeavors,
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