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Jishnu Banerjee (jbanerje) jbanerje at cisco.com
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Any guidance much appreciated.


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Hi Experts!

I am new to python and looking for some guidance from you folks on how to achieve the following in my test:

  *   Add/remove tap interfaces and associate it to the OpenvSwitch.
  *   Create and delete netlink sockets
  *   Add/remove flows over multiple Netlink sockets simultaneously.
  *   Inject packets in one tap port and measure how many can be punted up to the tool and injected back out another tap port over a given time period.
  *   Traffic of different packet sizes
  *   Setup a flow and do similar test as above to measure performance.
If you can point me to some existing python modules or available open-source tools/code which I can re-use to achieve that would be of great help. Any guidance is really  appreciated

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