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christian.staffa at gmx.de christian.staffa at gmx.de
Thu Nov 7 03:47:44 PST 2013

Hi all :)

I am a little confused and hope anyone on this list can help me...

What is the aim:
I will produce a coverage report with the coverage.py tool written by Ned Batchelder. The report should display the __relative__ pathes to the sources of the project like

Whats the problem:
The coverage is produced with the tool in parallel-mode due to the subprocess problem. The collecting of data is happen in the directory

In the end of the measurement process all coverage data files (.coverage.xyz) are copied to a directory
on the same machine.
The coverage combine command is invoked to produce the report with the --rcfile=coveragerc option. The coveragerc contains a path section like
  source =
BUT after the combine step the report is displaying the
and not
as intended.

Is there a possibility with the path section of the configuration file to get rid of the absolute path prefixes generated in the report (/abspath/to/project)?
Did i write the pathes section wrong for the combine step?

Thanks for any help and clarify that :)

(¸.·´.(¸.·` ¤chris¤

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