[TIP] tox-1.5.0: uses setuptools, whitelisting commands, MIT license

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Sat Jun 22 06:13:49 PDT 2013

tox-1.5.0 is a new release of the virtualenv-managing generic Python
test runner.  It comes with a few fixes and improvements (see below), 
and is now released under the MIT license -- prior versions used the GPL2.
The main change is that tox now by default creates virtualenv's with
setuptools, after the merge of distribute (thanks Jason R. Coombs).

See docs at:


and install with:

    pip install -U tox

Thanks to Lukasz Balcerzak, Krisztian Fekete for PRs, Armin Ronacher 
and others for issue reporting,


- fix issue104: use setuptools by default, instead of distribute,
  now that setuptools has distribute merged.

- make sure test commands are searched first in the virtualenv 

- re-fix issue2 - add whitelist_externals to be used in ``[testenv*]``
  sections, allowing to avoid warnings for commands such as ``make``,
  used from the commands value.

- fix issue97 - allow substitutions to reference from other sections
  (thanks Krisztian Fekete)

- fix issue92 - fix {envsitepackagesdir} to actually work again

- show (test) command that is being executed, thanks 
  Lukasz Balcerzak

- re-license tox to MIT license

- depend on virtualenv-1.9.1 

- rename README.txt to README.rst to make bitbucket happier

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