[TIP] Revising subunit's wire protocol - feedback solicited

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Thu Feb 14 03:35:37 PST 2013

Apologies for the cross post - please follow either on the blog post
or on the subunit-dev list, to prevent too much fragmentation in the


If you are not interested in the gory details of supporting concurrent
test execution on multiple heterogeneous machines in awkward
configurations with scewed clocks..... skip this. Otherwise, I'd love
your input :). (Actually there are many simpler cases that this post
is relevant to.. - but solving the nasty cases is on my hit list right

I had intended to also include a subtests thing like Python is growing
upstream, which will also serve adapted TAP streams, and trivial C
test runners that don't have individually addressable test cases
within a single binary, but I forgot that until after I posted the
blog post. I think a sub test id field is probably enough, and
document that that cannot be passed when select tests to run.


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