[TIP] addCleanup for setUpClass()?

Prasanna Santhanam tsp at apache.org
Thu Aug 1 03:28:30 PDT 2013

On Thu, Aug 01, 2013 at 02:53:51PM +0530, Prasanna Santhanam wrote:
> In unittest with the fix for [1] unittest.addCleanups can perform
> cleanup for objects in the LIFO structure if setUp fails midway during
> an expensive test. Is there something similar for setUpClass() as well
> that was introduced with unittest2?
> If not - would something like the following work?
> MyTestClass(TestCase):
>     @classmethod
>     def setUpClass(cls)
>         try:
>             setUpClass()
>         except:
>             cls.tearDownClass()

Specifically I attempted this:

class MyTestClass(unittest.case.TestCase):

    def setUpClass(cls):
            super(MyTestClass, cls).setUpClass()
        except Exception:
            super(MyTestClass, cls).tearDownClass()

But I see it has no effect at all on the tests implemented using MyTestClass.
My last resort would be to include the try..except block into every test :/


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