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I'm trying to find out if we can combine markers in a Boolean way using pytest. Let's say we have some tests that can be marked as 'regression', or 'smoke', or 'nightly_build'. We have some other tests that are platform-specific and we mark as linux_x86_32 , solaris_sparc_32 etc...
Is there a way to combine these so that we can say include a linux_x86_32 test as part of the nightly build?
If you stack the markers like below it will 'or' the markers so that it will always run if  py.test -m nightly  is used even if linux_x86_32 is not set:
def test_me():

What is the best way to select tests when there are multiple pre-conditions involved? Should we just be organizing test classes differently (this would involve code duplication and doesn't appeal) ?  We are setting up automated testing using Jenkins over multiple client platforms and with multiple test targets (we make embedded systems), and want to designate different types of test runs.


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