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Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Nov 28 13:40:48 PST 2012

The good news is that we now have python-tox in Debian unstable.  The bad news
is that the package is actually broken in such a way that it will not
auto-import into Ubuntu[1].

I think I've hacked around this, but it's kind of ugly.  This is actually a
deeper problem too, so I'm looking both for suggestions to improve or
eliminate my hacks, and for recommendations or policies we can make to ensure
that packages which run their tests using tox at build time will be able to

The problem is that we cannot allow tox to download anything from the
internet, because the buildds have no outside access, including to
pypi.python.org and pypi.testrun.org.

I've hacked around this by modifying tox's own tox.ini file to include:

-----snip snip-----
indexserver =
    testrun = http://missing.example.com
    pypi = http://missing.example.com
    default = http://missing.example.com

commands=echo {posargs}

commands=py.test --junitxml={envlogdir}/junit-{envname}.xml {posargs}

-----snip snip-----

TL;DR: I point the various indexservers to non-existent hosts, and null-out
the [testenv] dependencies.  This *should* be okay because I also set
sitepackages=True and ensure that the Debian packages providing pytest and py
are installed into the build chroot[2].

Now, I want to run tox's own test during the tox package build, but because
tox isn't installed yet (and because of other Debian-specific issues), I have
to play some tricks with the make rule:

	PYTHONPATH=.:/usr/lib/python$*/dist-packages \
	python$* -c 'from tox._cmdline import main; main(["-e", "py"+"$*".replace(".", "")])'

Why set $PYTHONPATH?  Since we're not allowing tox to download from PyPI, but
we *are* assuring that its dependencies are available (in the Debian-specific
dist-packages equivalent to site-packages), we have to make sure that when tox
tries to import packages like py and py.test, it will find the system
installed versions.  The '.' path element is so that tox can `import tox`.

Why set $HOME to $FAKEHOME (which is set to `mktemp -dq`)?  It seems that tox
requires $HOME to exist, but in the buildd environment it gets deliberately
pointed to a non-existent directory.  Sigh.

All of this is rather ugly[3], and I shudder to think about making these
recommendations to other Debian maintainers who want to enable tox-based tests
in their package builds.  They won't have to play the import game in their
test-python% rules above, they can just invoke `tox`, though they'll still
have to -e to only the supported/available versions of Python.  That's fine I
think.  Forcing the setting of $HOME and $PYTHONPATH and hacking the tox.ini
to disable dependencies are less okay.

If you're still reading, I'd love to get some thoughts on how to make things
better for build/test environments that have no internet access.  I'm happy to
file bugs if needed.


[1] (search for "could not install deps")

[2] I also use techniques to prevent local builds from accessing the internet,
and do test builds in an Ubuntu PPA for more assurances.

[3] tox 1.4.2-2 should be sponsored into unstable RSN with the above described
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