[TIP] Django custom test runner with Jenkins

Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Sat Mar 17 04:21:10 PDT 2012

Hey all,

I got a lot of out Carl Meyer's PyCon talk "Testing and Django":

One of his suggestions is a custom Django test runner to augment test 
discovery, by subclassing DjangoTestSuiteRunner, and referencing it in 

I went down this route a while back, but then ripped it out and reverted 
to Django's built-in test runner when we added Jenkins CI to our project 
a handful of weeks later, because Jenkins has its own test runner, that 
by itself doesn't find all the tests that my/Carl's test runner would 
discover. I lacked the wherewithall to get Jenkins to use my custom test 
runner, while still performing all the actions that Jenkins itself needs.

Am I missing a trick? Is this actually easy?

The alternative solution I switched to was to have every Django app's 
"tests.py" call a function which does test discovery, and then inject 
the discovered TestCase classes into the tests.py module namespace, so 
that Django's default testrunner will find tests no matter where I put them.

I'd prefer Carl's solution, but I'm tripping up getting it to play nice 
with Jenkins. Suggestions appreciated.


(I presume Carl's on the list: If so, thanks very much for the talk - 
I'm the guy who sat next to you at the PyCon sprints at one point and 
threatened to watch the video of your talk while sitting next to you.)

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