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On 15/03/2012 18:30, Mathieu Drapeau wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am fairly new to mock and I would like to know how to fix an issue 
> during module imports and scope of functions.
> Here is a snippet that explain problem I am dealing with:
> from mock import MagicMock
> import sys
> sys.func = lambda: 'x'
> from sys import func
> print func()
> # outputs 'x'
> sys.func = MagicMock(return_value='mocked_x')
> print func()
> # outputs 'x', it is not mocked
> How could I fix this?
> Thanks,
> Mat
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Hey Mathieu,

Your 7th line changes the value of sys.func (the 'func' attribute on 
local variable 'sys') but you haven't changed the value of local 
variable 'func'. Modifying one won't affect the other. You'd see the 
same behaviour even if MagicMock wasn't involved (e.g assigning 
'sys.func' to 0 will not affect the value of 'func' either.)

 From the code you've posted, it's not clear to me what you're trying to 

Perhaps you meant to write:

 >>> func = Mock(return_value='mocked')
 >>> func()


 >>> sys.func = Mock(return_value='mocked')
 >>> sys.func()

Best regards,


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