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Michael Foord michael at voidspace.org.uk
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On 20/01/2012 14:07, jason pellerin wrote:
> 2012/1/19 LiuCougar<liucougar at gmail.com>:
>> Hi jason,
>> I don't see multiprocessing plugin being mentioned in the nose2 doc
>> anywhere. is it one of the things which won't be available in nose2? (I
>> could not find a list of plugins which can't be ported to nose2)
> Hi Heng,
> Multiprocessing is not there in nose2 yet but there definitely will be
> some kind of test distribution/parallelization plugin. Right now I'm
> still thinking about different ways to approach the problem and not
> ready to start coding yet. If anything it should be easier with
> nose2's plugin system and non-lazy test collection, but "easier" isn't
> "easy" ...

I did some thinking about test parallelization for unittest2.

The test runner should be able to be run as a master or slave with a 
protocol for communicating results from slave to master. The master does 
test collection and launches slaves (either locally or remotely) with 
the same configuration as the master (plugin state, command line args 
etc as appropriate).

Slaves then ask the master for tests and communicates the results back. 
The master creates the test report. All objects attached to test reports 
(by plugins on the slave) must be serializable.

There are issues around fixtures for parallelized tests, but I'd be 
inclined to punt and say that ensuring a test suite *can* be 
parallelized is up to the test writer. Remote slaves creates a whole new 
bunch of issues (do you package up and send all the test code to the 
slave, how do you ensure dependencies are in place, what if some of the 
slaves are on different platforms and can't run all the tests etc). 
py.execnet has solved many of those problems, so either using it or 
borrowing liberally would be wise.

All the best,

Michael Foord

> The things that won't work in nose2 are basically the ones in nose
> that depend on test collection being lazy: weird project layouts where
> modules shadow each other, and plugins like the isolation plugin that
> assume a test module is imported and run before other test modules are
> imported.
> JP
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