[TIP] nose2: the jazz odyssey begins

jason pellerin jpellerin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 11:37:24 PST 2012

I've just released nose2 0.1 to pypi.


nose2 is a reimagining of nose, following the trail blazed by Michael
Food in the unittest2 plugins branch. Someday, nose2 will probably
become just a collection of unittest2 plugins. For now, it is a plugin
engine *and* a collection of plugins (but neither a floor wax nor a
dessert topping).

This is a very, very, very early release, and useful mainly (if not
only) to those who want to start contributing to nose2, or check out
the plugin api and start writing plugins that abuse it.

You can read the docs here:


(for now, we'll probably move them to readthedocs.org someday)

Development is happening here:


Come join us! Or there might not be a release 0.2. No pressure, though.


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