[TIP] TiP BoF PyCon 2012: Some Details

Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 07:23:15 PST 2012

Off list I've been talking to Paul Hildebrandt and some other people
on my team. I'll be talking mostly about TiP BoF here on the list
instead of on the Twitter from here on out. I've been asked to stop
promoting it so it doesn't get so huge that it dilutes the fun-loving
spirit of the event.

A couple of things:

0. Sign Up: I know that Doug Hellmann isn't coming to PyCon this year,
which is a major bummer. But if you haven't signed up, please do. I
want to make sure that I have an accurate idea of the people that are
coming. https://us.pycon.org/2012/community/openspaces/testingbof/

1. The Date: TiP BoF is on Friday, March 9 @ 7:00 PM this year. Yeah,
we're competing against the New Relic/Loggly/Skullcandy party. Yeah, I
know it's a date change. Yeah, I know it's normally on Saturday. But a
couple of things. TiP BoF originator emritus, Dr. C. Titus Brown, can
only make it on Friday and I don't like the idea of having a TiP BoF
without him. If you're a TiP BoF vet and this conflict is bothering
you, or if you'd rather NOT come to TiP BoF then no worries. I'll see
you around anyway.

2. Lightning Talk Signup In Advance: I know that the "rule" is that we
don't have a signup sheet before hand, but I was wondering if people
wanted to have a signup sheet. Or if you wanted to add an
asterisk/talk title next to your name if you're coming. This isn't
binding and in fact I don't really know what I'll be talking about but
I was wondering people's appetite for this "feature."

3. Venue: I sent an email to Jesse and Ewa regarding space. Ewa asked
if we wanted a ballroom that was broken up. Last year she offered us
the same option and I said that it would be better if we did it in a
double open space room. I'm mixed on this. In one respect, it would be
nice for us to have the space to move around. In another respect
having it in a bigger room brings different concerns like audio/video.
I'm interested in seeing people's opinion on this ... also wondering
if we could get AV support from PyCon Organizers.

Wondering people's thoughts on really #2 and #3. Also, please sign up
so I'll shut up (that's for you Nat Williams).

- t.

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