[TIP] Unittest framework with good process isolation

francis francismb at email.de
Sun Aug 5 02:37:17 PDT 2012

>   * supports reporting coverage and test output in xml (for jenkins).
> What we are missing is a good way to run tests in isolated processes 
> while maintaining good error repoorting (we are testing C++ libraries 
> through python so segfaults should not be catastrophic and each 
> unittest is designed to run in isolation). nosepipe seems to be no 
> longer maintained and we have some problems with it.

Hi Jonathan,
just a question: are you reporting the coverage of the C++ code?

If yes, how do you achive that? gcc with the gcov option?
Are you building a python extension to do that?

PS: we are also using python to test our code, as C-extensions, but as this
extension is loaded dinamically (dll in windows) no coverage report is 
(the extension should be compiled statically with the interpreter AFAIK).

Thank in advance!


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