[TIP] nosetests hang

Ulf Rompe idyll.org at rompe.org
Mon Sep 12 04:48:06 PDT 2011

Am 28.04.2011 20:34, schrieb Kamal Ahmed:
> I am running nosetests, in a bash script, as:
> nosetests -s --with-xunit --process-timeout=10 --verbose --with-coverage
> --cover-package ppackage `find . -name "*test.py"`
> but:
> 1. Even though the option --verbose is is used, i still get EEEEE
> 2. The tests do not timeout
> Any idea how i can force timeout ?

My answer may be late, but since I just stumbled over something like 
this and others may find your question by searching the archive like I did:

The dysfunctional "--process-timeout" only seems to happen on tests that 
make use of threads and IPC. While that may be a direction worth digging 
into, I was satisfied with wrapping the nosetests call using the timeout 
command (available on most Linux systems) to kill the whole test run 
once such an occasional freeze occurs.

[x] u1f

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