[TIP] What is your feedback about Splinter or Spynner ? (vs Selenium)

Jesse London jesselondon at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 20:27:32 PDT 2011

Hi Stephane,

Actually, I have used Spynner some, and I'm not quite the only one; however,
my compatriots and I have done so mostly in developing a fork of Spynner,
known as Punky Browster<https://bitbucket.org/leapfrogdevelopment/punkybrowster/>.
To quote the README:

PunkyBrowster is a programmatic browser with a synchronous API. It is a fork
of the spynner project. We remove unessential stuff like URL filtering,
download handling, and cookie emulation. We also remove some potentially
harmful stuff like JavaScript injection. What's left is a fairly lean core
of functionality, and on top of that we add some convenience methods for DOM
querying and event simulation.

And, of course, we think Punky is pretty rad. I'm a little surprised you're
having such performance problems with Spynner; but I'd be truly surprised if
you have the same problems with Punky, (and I'd be interested to hear how
you find that they compare). With Punky, we're trying to take as much
advantage of PyQt, and the WebKit browser baked into Qt, as we can, without
requiring the user to program asynchronously, and also without creating too
heavy a wrapper, (which could be the cause of your difficulty with Spynner).

Though the approach bears some resemblance to that of the Selenium project,
not only the implementation, but the goals, differ. Selenium drives
real-world browsers and, potentially, in a parallel grid — which is
fantastic. However, it's quite often the case that we don't want to or can't
do JavaScript/GUI testing across a grid of browsers, at least not every time
we run tests, and that we're willing to sacrifice the real-world fidelity of
whatever-Firefox-version-you-have-installed for the relative ease, speed and
reproducibility of Qt and its implementation of WebKit. In a sense, relative
to Selenium at least, it's as though Mechanize/Twill could run JavaScript,
(and, optionally, while headless, and on failure open its browser window,
and/or take a full-canvas screenshot).

I hope that helps.

And, P.S., in case that first link wasn't sufficient a declaration — Punky
Browster is totally


On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 10:07 AM, Stéphane Klein <stephane at harobed.org>wrote:

> Le 05/09/2011 16:45, Stéphane Klein a écrit :
>  Hi,
>> are there some Splinter [1] or Spynner [2] users here ?
>> If yes, what are your feedback ?
> One drawback of Spynner is it take 8 seconds to fill 17 text input field.
> I don't understand what slow down this task.
> Regards,
> Stephane
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