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Geoff Bache geoff.bache at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 12:17:56 PDT 2011

Hi again Chris and others,

> I don't know about the activity. Seems OK at first glance, but it's just
> a date.
> What's really nice for deciding on which tool to try is a side by side
> comparison like http://garybernhardt.github.com/python-mock-comparison/
> And given it's a doctest, it might even be feasible to check in a
> buildbot/Jenkins/[other ci] setup.

I added a link to this above the mocking tools section.

While more side-by-side comparisons at the code level would certainly
be interesting, they're a lot of work to produce, and in some cases
may lead to confusion where tools are not directly solving the same
problem. A key part of this discussion  is how to make this a useful
resource without requiring huge amounts of effort from individual
maintainers, which is a model that has failed in the past.

>> Also, can we possibly take down the other two copies of this and/or
>> replace them with links to the wiki? (That's the original Cheesecake
>> one and Michael's half-done one). If I google it the new version is
>> the third hit of the three currently...

No response here so far. I'm happy to go on weeding out dead projects
but am going to wait until this happens: it's not going to be very
useful if a lot of people are still landing on older outdated copies
of it.


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