[TIP] [ANN] StoryText 3.6.1 and TextTest 3.22 released

Geoff Bache geoff.bache at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:25:35 PST 2011

Hi all,

PyUseCase has now been renamed to StoryText. As it now supports Java
GUIs as well, the "Py" was misleading, even though it's still all
written in Python.

The main addition this release is that it now supports Java Swing GUIs
as well, although progress has been made on both the Eclipse and PyGTK
fronts also.

The related tool TextTest has also had a release, with a lot of
generally minor enhancements and fixes across the board.

There is now a Windows installer for the combination of these tools
also, which should make them easier to try out for Windows users.

Geoff Bache
More detail:
TextTest is a tool for automatic text-based functional testing. This
means running a batch-mode executable in lots of different ways from
the command line, and using the text output produced as a means of
controlling the behavior of that application. Alone, it is aimed
primarily at testing batch systems, scripts and legacy systems.

StoryText is a companion tool to enable text-based GUI testing. Aimed
to be used together with TextTest, it generates an ASCII art log of
the important changes in the GUI, instead of having an "assertion
mechanism" as most other tools do.

StoryText defines GUI actions in terms of a user-defined "domain
language". Tests can either be defined up-front, or using its
recorder, which unlike most recorders
understands the domain language and records tests in it, meaning it is
usable for more than demos...

For more info on either please visit http://www.texttest.org

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