[TIP] [Zope-dev] zope.testrunner and nose count doctests differently

Jonathan Lange jml at mumak.net
Tue Nov 8 03:10:40 PST 2011

On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Chris Withers <chris at simplistix.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi All,
> On 07/11/2011 22:25, Michael Foord wrote:
>> On 07/11/2011 19:51, Mark Sienkiewicz wrote:
>>> On 11/07/11 12:53, Chris Withers wrote:
>>>> The only hiccup is that nose doesn't respect a test_suite function by
>>>> default, so I wrote a plugin to make it do the right thing:
>>>> Nose people: any idea *why* nose doesn't respect this method?
> Mark has somewhat misdirected the thread here, either that or I've got in a
> muddle, anyway, the issue at hand is that nose ignores
> TestCase.countTestCases(). Any nose people know what that is?

Not a nose person, but it's usual to report on TestResult.testsRun
rather than TestSuite.countTestCases. The numbers can be different
because one test might run multiple times or report multiple results,
or tests might be generated during the run that weren't available for
countTestCases to count.

> Of course, that's the dim and distant past and so doesn't really matter.
> However, the fact that nose ignores a test_suite method is a bug, plain and
> simple ;-)

Agreed. (Assuming it is a fact).


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