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The single most important reason to write tests has a two-part answer.


First, writing and executing tests is the only reliable mechanism to
verify that what I intended to write is what I actually wrote. In other
words, testing is the mechanism to verify that the "mental model" of how
our software operates agrees with how it actually operates. (Some might
reference the quote, "The map is not the territory.")


Second, writing (unit) tests improves my design by causing me to
specifically answer the question: "How will I use this class or method?"


Hope this information helps (along with all the other great answers).



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Hi list,


I am about to give a presentation about testing in a couple of days and
the audience is in its majority a 

"we do not write tests" one :(


If you had to name the single most important reason why you need to
write tests (or keep up with them) what

would that reason be?


You can reply with multiple ones, but I am interested in the one you
think is *the* mot important one.


One thing to consider though is to think about the problem from their
perspective: "Why do I need to write tests?"

I want to make a dent in that crippled thinking!


I also posted the question in Convore but not everybody is in there,
plus I know that I get the best quality

testing-related answers here :)


Any feedback is *greatly* appreciated!




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