[TIP] OT - Details on TiP BoF - PyCon 2011

Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 13:32:37 PST 2011

So a couple of things to the diehards:

1. I'm bringing a projector, or rather I've asked Kevin Boers to bring
it to Atlanta since he'll be leaving a day earlier than me.

2. The BoF is on Saturday 3/12 @ 7:00 PM. I've made a signup page -

3. Paul's in charge of pizza and has his marching orders on that one,
right Paul? I've heard rumors that Dr. Brown got screwed on the booze
last year, so I'm wondering if we declare BYOB ... need some opinions
on this one, people.

4. Room ... Jesse Noller pointed me to the open space coordinator
Barry Hawkins and the onsite CTE program coordinator. Basically what
this means is that I've secured us the same room as we had last year,
BUT they're going to take down one of the walls to make the room
bigger ... so really we should have almost two rooms which should make
everyone more comfortable. We should all thank Jesse, Van, Barry and
Ewa for helping us with this!

5. Helpers ... let's try and meet outside of the main ballrooms around
6 PM to coordinate what needs to be coordinated.

If you guys need me here's all the important contact info:

peppers at the place called gmail.com
773 454 3260

I'm really excited for this, hopefully we can continue to have a good
time with this.

- t.

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