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Thu Mar 3 07:36:05 PST 2011

Hope y'all have a great time at the session.


Although I'll not be able to attend, I'm wondering, as part of a
marketing plan for a book I am writing, how many attendees you expect at
this session.


Thanks, again.


Have a great day!



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On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 11:34 AM, Paul Hildebrandt <
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I think we had Exhibit Level Room C (from page 1 of PDF.)  

The offer of a ballroom is appreciated and may be necessary but several
on the list (I among them) are concerned that the large space would lose
some of the magic of the gathering.  Maybe if we had Exhibit Level Rooms
C, D, & E (assuming they have slide-able dividers.)  We could project on
the wall on E or get a screen.  I would be willing to work with the AV
people there to help setup. 

I don't know the room situation and if asking for three rooms messes up
other people's plans we can figure something else out.   I had a seat
last year so maybe someone who had to sit on the floor will have a
different opinion and want a MUCH larger room.


From what I remember last year, the meeting was set at 7pm [0] and
although I arrived at 7pm I found most of the room empty which made me

that I had the wrong location.


Anyone that arrived an hour later (a bunch of people did) had to sit on
the floor or stay on the hallway. I think that is perfectly
understandable from a 

"first come first served" point of view. Right? 


I am +1 for not getting a large space.


[0] http://us.pycon.org/2010/openspace/TestingInPythonOpenSpace/ 


	On 03/02/2011 07:35 AM, Jesse Noller wrote: 

		I have asked for a bigger space. We have been offered
Centennial 1
		(see attached guide) at 6:30pm. I forget when we started
last year's.
		I can ask for it to be later if you guys want.
		I leave it to Terry and Co.
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