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Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 09:08:54 PST 2011

Sorry guys, kind of back from vacation. Shaking some cobwebs out of my head.

TiP BoF will be on Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 7:00 PM. People should
begin assembling @ 6:00 PM, I'll officially reserve the room (or ask
that we get the space) @ 6:30 PM so we can get setup.

>> I think we had Exhibit Level Room C (from page 1 of PDF.)

Yep, Paul .. that jives with my recollection.

> I am +1 for not getting a large space.

I'm with Paul and Alfredo on +1 on not a larger space. One thing we
could consider is removing some of the tables out of the room that we
were in and replacing them with chairs. If we removed half of the
tables (front/back/left/right) we should be able to increase capacity,
while maintaining the intimate feel that makes TiP BoF enjoyable. If
we can't take down walls as Paul has suggested, I'm for removing
tables ... which I think is reasonable.

Additionally, while we did increase capacity like 4x in 2010 over
2009, I wonder if we can push it even higher in 2011. Certainly it's
infamy is a draw, as is the free pizza, honest lightning talks, energy
and personalities but I think moving it to a ballroom risks eroding
what's made it great which is high energy and intimate.

A couple of things I owe ... and I'll get to them today.

1. TiP BoF page on the PyCon site.
2. Update/Start a TiP BoF thread on Convore and TiP
3. Draft and publish "the rules"
* Pizza provided by Disney (Paul, you're the best)
* Sign up for lightning talks (no one is given preference - first
come, first served)
* There'll be gentle heckling

- t.

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